Dear Rotarians:

It is hard to believe that a full year has passed since I started to serve you as District Governor.  I have...


sincerely enjoyed the year and have had some wonderful experiences.  I have toured the Rockland Bakery.  (Every Rotarian should see this place!)  I have eaten a meal using gold plates and utensils, (thank you Livingston Manor!), have been allowed five minutes to address a Club (thank you Pearl River!), and have gotten lost three times (not too bad for 62 Clubs!).

Sue and I have been treated very warmly and in a most hospitable manner.  We have had wonderful meals and discovered many great restaurants in the Hudson Valley.  We have received many unbelievable gifts from Clubs; such as, Rotary shirts, local history books, local winery samples, local produce, local jams and even quilts.

Our year has been very exciting, but the most impressive part of the year was the opportunity to see first hand how each Club operates, experience the spirit and camaraderie and, of course, understand all the service projects which is the highlight of my District Governor year.

June is fellowship month.  You can celebrate fellowship month by getting to know Rotarians in your own Club – maybe sit next to the new Rotarian in your Club. You could visit a Club in your Region and see how they operate or you could attend a future Regional meeting.  You might want to get to know a Rotarian from around the world.  The easiest way to do this is to attend a meeting of our District E-Club by going onto the District Website, click on Rotary E-Club on the list of Clubs and follow the directions for doing a make-up.  You can connect with Uma Achuka Nwoke who is a member of our E-Club, lives in Nigeria, and just attended our District Conference.

Thank you for a wonderful year and for allowing me to be your District Governor.  It has been a pleasure and an honor! 

Thank you for all you do for Rotary!

William J. Bassett
District Governor