Dear Rotarians:

January is Rotary Awareness month.  The goal for this month is for each Club to take a few steps to promote Rotary in their own community.  Too many times...


Rotary (and the work of each Club) is a well kept secret.  Rotarians are usually quite reluctant to brag about accomplishments or to “blow your own horn.”  Why don’t we all tell our community, in some way, what  we are doing in service for the community?  Make sure you have someone in your Club ready to take pictures of speakers, activities and/or youth that are being honored.  Have someone in your Club get in the habit of writing a small story to go with each picture.  If you need specific help in working on your Club’s Public Image, you could contact the District Public Relations Chair Bryan Bunch at You can also go to the Rotary International Website at:

At this site you can find resources to help you promote Rotary.  At this site you can:

 Learn to write an effective press release
 Get tips on working with the media
 Learn how to use nontraditional and new media tools to promote Rotary
 Find tips on how to measure the success of your campaign to better prepare for future efforts
 Download ads, including videos, from Rotary’s Public Image Campaigns
 Download Rotary key messages and resources

And, of course, you can always contact Rotary’s Public Relations staff.

Rotary is a marvelous International organization that is doing wonderful things worldwide and in our own communities.  Let’s begin to tell everyone about Rotary.  It is hard to believe but the 2013 Rotary District 7210 Conference will be upon us in no time.  The conference is scheduled for May 17-18-19, 2013 at Honor’s Haven in Ellenville, New York.  It is not too early to think about registering.  The registration form and conference information will be available on the District Website very soon.  Please register, as there are a limited number of rooms.

Thank you to all of you for what you do for Rotary.

William J. Bassett
District Governor