Dear Fellow Rotarians:

My plan for a theme for the March District Governor’s letter was to be literacy.  Rotary International has designated March as Literacy month.  Throughout my official visits to the Clubs of District 7210, I talked to each Club about literacy...


I got the feeling that all of our Clubs recognized the importance of literacy and strongly support Literacy Programs.  In other words, I feel like I am “preaching to the choir” about literacy.

I decided to concentrate this month’s letter on Elderact.  Elderact is a Rotary sponsored project that brings the model of Rotary meetings, leadership structure, and community service project planning and implementation to senior centers, senior nursing facilities and senior residences.

I had the honor and pleasure to help in chartering the newest Elderact Club in our District that is sponsored by the Philmont Rotary Club.  The District’s newest Elderact Club is located at the Whittier Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing Care Center. This is the first Elderact in Region 1.  I saw first hand the value and power of Elderact.  Many residents of Senior Citizen facilities still have a great deal to offer to society.  They are full of ideas, have energy and want to contribute to their community.

The Elderact Clubs demonstrate the Rotary 4way Test!

YES!  It is “the truth” that we are all going to be seniors and seniors are far more honest since they have a history of seeking the truth in all of their past life experiences and have no time for anything but the truth.  It is also “Fair to be concerned” as they conduct elections, discuss motions, have a Board of Directors, and follow the By Laws and Constitutions that each Club follows.  This model with all documentation, was developed by both the sponsoring Rotary Club Boards and reviewed and approved by the District 7210 Legal Counsel.  The Rotary Model was followed exactly so it would be in harmony with RI.  It definitely “builds good will and better friendships” that are treasured by the seniors and the surrounding community, not to mention the publicity that the Rotary will receive from helping to enrich the lives of senior citizens in their area.  Lastly, it is without a doubt “beneficial to all concerned,” as any senior member, any recipient of project performed, any staff member of the senior center, and any Rotarian adviser will verify.  Elderact is a wonderful, meaningful, and life enhancing experience that turns member seniors around from giving up to “giving and giving again” with the Rotary direction, passion, and creativity filling their daily activities with purpose and meaning. 

District 7210 is proud of the Elderact Clubs that are thriving.  The Clubs and their Sponsor Rotary Clubs are:

Elderact@ Elant Wappingers Chapter (1st Chapter, 4 years young) Sponsor: Rotary Club of Wappingers Falls

Elderact@ Elant Fishkill Chapter – Sponsor: Fishkill Rotary

Elderact @ the Pines at Poughkeepsie – Sponsor: Poughkeepsie South Rotary (Installation Date TBA)

Elderact @ Lutheran Care Center – Sponsor: Poughkeepsie/Arlington Rotary

Elderact @ Whittier Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center – Sponsor Philmont Rotary

The message I would like all the Clubs in our District to take away from the District Governor’s letter is to consider sponsoring (or co-sponsoring) an Elderact Club.  There are several additional Elderact Clubs being considered in our District.  I hope that we can have some more Elderact Charter nights. 

NOTE: If your Rotary Club would like a presentation or a packet of information contact Roger Risko, Elderact Adviser:

Many thanks to the Rotary Clubs in our District that have taken the initiative to start and support an Elderact Club.  Special thanks to Roger Risko of the Poughkeepsie/Arlington Club, for his program conception, enthusiasm and dedication to the promotion of the Elderact program in Districts 7210,7230,7890, and in Florida, District 6990.

Yours in Rotary,
William J. Bassett
District Governor