Our District has begun a concerted effort to grow our understanding of our global neighbors through Friendship Exchanges (“FE’s”).

The simplest way to describe a “Friendship Exchange” would be to say “short-term youth exchanges – for adults”.   There are four types of FE’s:


Visitor – this is a one-on-one exchange, where a Rotarian (and possibly his/her family members) visits a Rotarian family in – and stays with the family for the duration of the stay.

– is when several Rotarians (and possibly their families) visit as a group, and stay with several Rotarian families.

– this is basically our “Vocational Training Teams” (formerly known in our District as “Group Study Exchange”).  

Volunteer/Service – is when Rotarians go to a location, and stay with Rotarian families, but with a specific service project in mind.

Most friendship exchanges are international, but that is certainly not a requirement.  

For more information, please feel free to contact Nick Constantino (nick@nickconstantino.com or 845-294-0123).