PLEDGE: Kathy Hankins

ATTENDANCE: 22 of 29 members

Quentin Van deWoorde, Mike Haines' nephew from Belgium; Tim Haines; Pia Kampkoether, Exchange student; Grace and Lily Bonitz

April 26th -- Pancake Breakfast Check Presentation at our regularly scheduled meeting
April 26th -- Region 5 Meeting @ Livingston Manor.  Let Bela know if you can attend!
April 29th -- Board Meeting, 7:30am at Horton Pavilion.  Dan Depew will be there to discuss a project he is working on.
July 2nd -- District Renegades Game @ Dutchess Stadium
July 10th -- Rotofest at Orange County Park
Happy Birthday Alan!  (4/19)

Happy Birthday Nikki!  (4/22)

Mother's Day is only 2 weeks away...sell, sell, sell roses!!  Please keep Kim updated on the number of dozens you sell.

Carl thanked those that attended the Read Aloud-  Lorraine, Kim, Bill B., Lauren, and himself.

Kim- ROTC; Alan- Easter, Passover; Pia- Nick; Nick- Pia; Bill- Cantonment; Mike H.- RECAP; Fred- wife; Mike S.- Relay $; Carl- Read Aloud, Little League; Lauren- Ryan's Renegades; Rich- Cornell; Steve- Maine; John- Dog; Bela- grandaughter Little League

Our scheduled speaker had a last minute family emergency, but Quentin was given a few minutes to speak about himself and living in Belgium.  He is here in the U.S. for an internship and also to improve his English.  In Belgium, he is studying marketing and communication.  He enjoys the United States and says one major difference between here and Belgium is that no matter what you need or want to do, everything is so close and easy to get to here.

Carl also did a "Hot Seat" interview with Alan.  You probably didn't know it, but Alan worked at Friendly's Ice Cream right out of college.  He later worked for Met Life and now Allstate.  He joined Rotary in 1984, when Pete Lazier invited him.  Alan has been married to his wife Patti for 27 years and his son David is a junior in college at Fredonia.  His most memorable vacations are to Singapore and Europe.

50/50: Bela Gesztesi
4-WAY TEST: Bela Gesztesi

Have a great week!