New month...New duties...

May Duty Schedule
Greeter:  Laurette DiMontova
Newsletter Writer:  Kim Imholz
Speakers:  Laurette DiMontova

PLEDGE: Mike Swensen

ATTENDANCE: 20 of 29 members

Quentin Van deWoorde, Mike Haines' nephew from Belgium;  Allen Zoghby, Middletown club;  Pete Andre, Pine Bush Youth Football;  Lou Ingrassia;  Alexis Eggleton, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Clubs;  Donna Henkie, Relay for Life;  Stephen Valentine, Town of Wallkill Unit Director, Boys & Girls Clubs;  Phil Steinberg, Superintendent, Pine Bush Central School District

April 29th -- Board Meeting, 7:30am at Horton Pavilion.  Dan Depew will be there to discuss a project he is working on.
May 3rd -- DEADLINE FOR ROSE SALE.  PLEASE SELL, SELL, SELL, and submit numbers to Kim!!!
July 2nd
 -- District Renegades Game @ Dutchess Stadium
July 10th -- Rotofest at Orange County Park
Happy Anniversary Bob!  (4/26)

Happy Birthday Frank G!  (4/30)

Mike Swensen led a discussion and "de-briefing" on the Pancake Breakfast.  The placemat ads were a huge success this year.  The raffle baskets were eliminated and this seemed to work better; lots of work to put together for not much return.  Raised $3,200 net.  Checks were disbursed to:  Interact, Pine Bush Youth Football League, Relay for Life, the Pine Bush Academies, and our club.

Phil Steinberg also spoke to us about the Pine Bush school budget- "we have to do more with substantially less."  120 jobs have been eliminated and if things continue the next step may be to close entire buildings in the district.  Costs are up significantly, but the budget is still being cut.  The Governor spends more to incarcerate than to educate.

50/50: Bill Bassett
4-WAY TEST: Bill Bassett

Have a great week!