Submitted by Mike Swensen.
PLEDGE:  Rich Shapiro
ATTENDANCE:  25 of 35

Sgt. Eric Meier, Crawford Police Department, Speaker


PDG Pete Lazier

Happy Anniversary Kim!  (8/19)

RYLA students will speak to our club about their experiences at RYLA.
15:  WIFFLE FOR KIDS!!  Please sign up to help!
28:  Newburgh PBA's Golf Tournament.  The PBA has sponsored our wiffle event since its inception so we thought it would be nice to support them back.  If you are interested in playing please contact Lauren.

Looking ahead...
Oct 6:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Columbia Greene College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included!
Oct 27:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Mount Saint Mary College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included! 

We will be collecting school supplies for Jill Weed's 'Backpacks for for all Children' project up until 8/21.  (This week!!)

Bela- Olympics;  Gino- Albanian olympics;  Steve- late, vacation;  Mike- late;  Kim- country tour;  Ellen- happy;  Nick- Eric as speaker;  Walter- Kenny Chesney;  Angelo- vacation;  Jenny- vacation;  Alan- golfing in PA, David to college;  Laurette- mom's flowers, sons wedding;  Fred- Olympics;  Jean- family reunion;  Frank- women Olympians;  Pete Lazier- Greeter, birthday (75);  Kathy- Granddaughter to NY School of Ballet;  Rich- Delaware Beach trip;  Jim- Great Britain at Olympics, Irish medals;  Hal- mom's visit, Yankee game, guests.

Sgt. Eric Meier spoke about terrorism.  Al-Qaida was an ally of the United States at one time.  After 9/11 NY divided into counterterrorism zones.  We are in Zone 4 (Orange, Rockland, Sullivan).  Operation Safeguard - if you see something, say something!  He is working with realtors to possibly target terrorists moving into new developments.

50/50:  James Danella
4-Way Test:  James Danella

Have a great week! 

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