Submitted By: Mike Swensen

September Duties
Greeter:  Walter Tonyes
Newsletter:  Jim Lawler
Speakers:  Ellen Quimby
PLEDGE:  Mike Swensen
ATTENDANCE:  21 of 35

Bela's grandchildren: Domenik, Juliana, and Ali
John Lester, Frank's employee
Evan Bates, Eagle Scout (speaker)
Helen Bates, Evan's mom
Peter ?, Evan's Scoutmaster


PDG Pete Lazier
Tom Olley, Walden

Happy Anniversary Patti!  (8/29)

Happy Birthday Bob!  (8/29)

Happy Birthday Laurette!  (8/30)

31:  Board meeting @ Horton Pavilion, 7:45am

4:  RYLA students will be at our meeting to share their experiences with us.

Looking ahead...
Oct 6:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Columbia Greene College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included!
Oct 27:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Mount Saint Mary College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included! 

Lauren gave a few Wiffle updates:  $13,100 in sponsorships (more than last year!), new Family Fun Fest activities:  picture boards, raffles given away on the hour, Rotary Shelter Box, and one lucky Rotarian in a strawberry costume.  You can still help:  volunteer day-of, solicit Corporate Challenge prizes, hang posters, and let Lauren know if you have a pop-up tent we can use for the day.  Lauren also thanked James for all his hard work on the poster design; they came out great!

Jenny- seeing Tom;  Tom Olley- Giants, Walden club's Big Apple Circus (See flyer below);  Bela- grandchildren, back to school;  Fred- happy but no money;  Pete- Bela's grandkids;  Bill B- Big Apple Circus, being here;  Frank- John Lester, Monroe triathlon;  Amy- happy;  Hal- guests, mom's visit;  Kim- Jason Aldean, Hendricks motor;  Evan- Eagle Scout;  Alan- Evan, David at college;  Steve- Late, Evan, Notre Dame football;  John- missing meetings;  Greg- late, Evan;  Matt- Young Emerging Leaders (YEL);  Ellen- happy;  Gino- guests, picked up tab

Evan Bates shared with us the process of becoming an Eagle Scout.  First an application must be submitted outlining the project.  This process is extremely tedious and is not as simple as it once was.  Once approved, Evan had to solicit local businesses and organizations for donations, both monetary and materials in order to complete the project.  Evan held a car wash to raise funds and his church also donated a lot of money towards his project.  His project was to re-vamp our club's welcome sign on route 211.  Greg Jaloszynski helped Evan tremendously with the design and excavation of the site.  Our members also helped build the wall and plant the plants.  Our club also donated money towards the project.  Evan enjoyed the whole process and learned a lot about being a leader including speaking in front of a crowd and delegating.

50/50:  Bill Bassett  (Donated to Evan's project.)
4-Way Test:  Bill Bassett

Have a great week!

Walden Rotary's Big Apple Circus