Meeting notes taken by Mike Swensen.

A reminder...
August Greeter:  Jenny Rivera
August Newsletter:  Mike Swensen
August Speakers:  Nick Constantino

PLEDGE:  Jean Warren
ATTENDANCE:  26 of 35


PDG Bill Herrmann, Terry Stiano, Regina Saunders, Bill Hadden, and Morino Smith all from Mamakating;  Mark Fellenzer, Middletown

18-19:  Rib-fest sponsored by Highland club.  If you are interested in volunteering at this event please let Nick know.
19:  Chester club's Hudson River cruise.  If you are interested in attending, please let Harold know.
28:  Evan, Eagle Scout candidate, will speak to our club about the process of becoming an Eagle Scout.

RYLA students will speak to our club about their experiences at RYLA.
28:  Newburgh PBA's Golf Tournament.  The PBA has sponsored our wiffle event since its inception so we thought it would be nice to support them back.  If you are interested in playing please contact Lauren.  (Click the link below for details.)

Looking ahead...
Oct 6:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Columbia Greene College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included!
Oct 27:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Mount Saint Mary College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included! 

We will be collecting school supplies for Jill Weed's 'Backpacks for for all Children' project.  Items will be collected at our next 2 meetings:  8/14 and 8/21.  Monetary donations are also accepted.

Kenya- end of school;  Angelo- veterans;  Scott- vacation;  Mike- Jersey Shore;  Harold- daughter leaving;  Amy- late;  Steve- late;  Lauren- mile swim;  Kim- Pocono race;  Bill- thank you for flowers;  Rich- college trip with daughter;  Jean- weather;  Walter- Crystal Run Healthcare article;  Carl- mile swim;  Nikki- Maroon 5 jean creases;  Jenn- guests;  Bela- golf outing;  Gino- being greeter;  James- sad for deaths in family

The RYLA students were unable to make it to our meeting today so we spoke about Wiffle for Kids.  We are in decent shape with sponsorships and Corporate teams, but can really use more competitive teams.  (We don't have a single team registered at this point!)  Please help spread the word about the competitive tournament and the Family Fun Fest.  Click on the links below for forms.

50/50:  Amy Minutolo
4-Way Test:  Amy Minutolo

Have a great weekend! 

What is Wiffle for Kids?

Competitive Wiffle Tournament Registration Form

Corporate Challenge Registration Form

Pinch Hitter Sponsorship Form