PLEDGE:  Carl Bonitz
ATTENDANCE:  16 of 31 members

Jeff Reilly and Michelle Ewanciw, Bon Secours;  Allen Zoghby, Middletown Rotarian;  Greg Jalowzyski, prospective member (joining us in January!)

Happy Anniversary Bill B.!  (12/16)

27:  Round Table Meeting
30:  Board Meeting @ Horton Pavilion, 7:45am
8:  Post-Holiday Party, 3-6pm.  The committee is hard at work and more details will follow next week!
29:  Pancake Breakfast @ Pine Bush High School, 8am - 12pm.  Sell, sell, sell tickets, placemat ads, and 50/50 tickets!!

A moment of silence for the passing of PDG Chet Sawyer was led by Fred.  Many members gave happy & sad dollars for Chet.
Jeff Reilly spoke to the club about St. Anthony's Hospital and Bon Secours.  St. Anthony's is a small community hospital with great satisfaction ratings and is at the top in multiple categories.  Bon Secours is leading the pack in specialty areas and is improving quickly.  They have a low dose radiation group, all new equipment in women's health, and have brought in a specialist for breast cancer services.  The hospitals also have a new IV infusion center and a new sleep lab is opening soon.  They provide excellent mental health services as well.  In the near future the hospitals will be installing a new electronic medical records system that will be the same system that ORMC.
50/50:  Mike Swensen
4-Way Test:  Mike Swensen
Have a nice week!