Just a reminder:  next week's meeting (12/27) will be a round table meeting.  We will have our first business meeting of the new year on 1/3/2012.  Please plan on attending!



PLEDGE:  Bob Miller
ATTENDANCE:  21 of 31 members

Sheriff Carl DuBois, speaker

Happy Birthday Harold!  (12/21)

27:  Round Table Meeting
30:  Board Meeting @ Horton Pavilion, 7:45am
8:  Post-Holiday Party @ Ginny Hughes' home (Lauren's mom), 3-6pm.  Everyone should have received an evite--if you did not please contact Carl!
29:  Pancake Breakfast @ Pine Bush High School, 8am - 12pm.  Sell, sell, sell tickets, placemat ads, and 50/50 tickets!! 
Sheriff Carl DuBois, in office for 9 years, is a strong believer in sharing resources and consolidating services.  The county works hard on counter-terrorism protection;  it is a monumental task because of the amount of people who come in and out of the county via train and bridges.  Sheriff DuBois shared many facts about Orange County:
* 42 municipalities
* 31 police departments, 18 full time
* 17 school districts
* 110 schools (not including admin buildings)
* 1,500 school bus routes 
* 65,000 students 
* 36-48 freight trains pass thru daily
* 372,000 residents
* Hudson River traffic is mostly fuel transport 
50/50:  Laurette Dimontova
4-Way Test:  Laurette Dimontova
Happy Hanukkah!  Merry Christmas!  Happy New Year!