Submitted by:  Scott Hamel


PLEDGE:  Kenya Gipson
ATTENDANCE:  21 of 34

Harold Ciappa....oh wait, he's just back from vacation.

11:  Family Fellowship Event @ Stony Ford Lodge, 6:30pm.  Please let Carl know of your attendance plans.  (This will replace our normally scheduled meeting @ Perkins that morning.)
14 & 15:  Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army @ The Galleria, 10am-8pm each day.  Two hour blocks of time- slots are still available.  We still need someone for the 6-8pm shift on the 15th--please contact Jenny if you can help!

Looking ahead...
Jan 27, 2013:  Pancake Breakfast.  More details to follow in upcoming weeks!

Bill B. spoke about the district's efforts towards Hurricane Sandy relief.  Through the district's "Disaster Relief Fund" and donations from a number of clubs, $27,000 worth of generators were purchased from Tractor Supply in Chester and distributed to those communities in need.  The board voted for our club to contribute $500.

Amy spoke about the board's decision to Adopt A Family this holiday season in keeping with this year's Rotary theme, "Peace Through Service."  $200 was donated from our club.  A "basket" was passed around and individual members also donated money.  (Thank you!)

Nick has officially been nominated by our club for the 2015-16 District Governor position.  Congratulations Nick!

Carl and Lauren spoke about our Wiffle for Kids fundraiser.  They are both a little run-down by the extensive planning that goes into the event.  They also explained how interest in the event has declined in recent years, both within our club and in the public.  (i.e. we had NO teams sign-up for the competitive tournament this year)  The board understood and agreed and it was decided that a special committee would be formed to brainstorm new fundraising ideas to replace wiffle.  It was emphasized that the goal of the new fundraiser would be to raise $3-5K for OUR club.  Please let Harold know if you are interested in serving on this committee.

About a dozen members still owe dues for last quarter.  Please get them in to Amy!

50/50:  Alan Turken  (Donated to Adopt A Family) 
4-Way Test:  Alan Turken

Have a great weekend!  See you at Stony Ford Lodge on Tuesday!