PLEDGE:  BIll Bassett
ATTENDANCE:  19 of 31 members

District Governor Tansukh Dorawala and his wife Savi;  Assistant Governor Karen Fitzpatrick;  Greg Jaloszynski, prospective member;  Allen Zoghby, Middletown Rotary;  Sue Bassett

Happy Birthday Patti!  (12/11)

8:  Post-Holiday Party
29:  Pancake Breakfast @ Pine Bush High School, 8am - 12pm

Thank you to Bela, Kathy, Jim, John, Ellen, Nick, Steve, Alan, Suzanne, Mike, Don & Carl for helping with the Salvation Army's bell ringing over the weekend.  We collected $350 in the kettle on Friday and Saturday's numbers were still TBD.  Interact also sang during the Friday 3-5pm shift, which was a huge hit!
The preliminary amount raised from our "Flock a Friend" fundraiser is $850.  (Net)  Not too bad considered most of our flock migrated! 
Tickets and 50/50 tickets were distributed for the Pancake Breakfast.  Matt Dorcas is hard at work selling placemat ads.  Ads are $20 a piece and the form is on our website in the 'Downloads' section.  Please turn in ads to him and contact him if you have any questions.  Nick is coordinating 50/50 ticket sales.  Ticket stubs and money should go to him.  If you have any new ideas for the event please let Mike or Frank know!
AG Karen Fitzpatrick introduced DG Tansukh and his wife Savi.  Tansukh was a Texaco employee for 30 years and has been a Rotarian for 11.  He and Savi have 2 adult children.

Patty Turken (not present) and Carl Bonitz were presented their Paul Harris Fellow certificates and pins.  (Photos posted on our website and facebook.)

DG Tansukh outlined the world contributions of the Rotary Foundation.  He also outlined how his team is set-up based on family, continuity, and change.  Tansukh recited a Thoreau poem and spoke of the choices we make in life and how we leave the results to God.  He noted that the RI President and himself grew up 60 miles apart in India and that they are both chemical engineers.  We need to celebrate our collective togetherness and to enjoy our journey together.  "Reach Within to Embrace Humanity" is the 2011-12 Rotary theme.
50/50:  John Fellenzer
4-Way Test:  John Fellenzer
Have a nice week!