PLEDGE:  Ellen Quimby
INVOCATION:  Bill Bassett
ATTENDANCE:  22 of 31 members

Paul Halpern, Middletown club;   Prospective new members:  Rory Garland, Gino Zefi, Dominick Delroso, Scott Hamel, Mary Borsilik, and Lori Korn

Happy Birthday Mike!  (2/8)

11:  Blood Drive @ Wallkill Living Center, 10am-2pm.  Don will be there all day.  If you can assist him or want to donate blood please just show up on Saturday.
15:  Vocational Service Award nominations are due.  Please let Walter or Lauren know if there is a Rotarian you would like to sponsor.  (We already nominated Alanna Smith for the non-Rotarian award.)
21:  Regularly scheduled meeting will be held at the new hospital.  We will have breakfast and do a tour of the finished facility.  We will be done by 8:30am.

Looking Ahead!
4/18:  New Member Mixer @ Jacks Pub at Catlin Gardens, 5:30-7:30pm

Upcoming speakers:  2/14- Dawn Ansbro from the Orange County Arts Council, 2/21- Tour of ORMC, 2/28- Elizabeth Rowley from Inspire

Greg Jaloszynski was inducted into membership.  Thank you Nikki for sponsoring a new member!  And welcome Greg!


Suzanne- welcome to guests;  Bela- Giants;  Paul Halpern- welcome Rory Garland;  Steve- late;  Walter- scooter;  Kathy- $ for Bill's card;  Patti- Bill's card;  Laurette- welcome guests;  Alan- lost his voice;  Bill B.- happy for getting his cards, meeting turnout;  Kim- Bill B. has an iPhone, welcome to Lori, Giants;  Amy- Rangers game;  Harold- welcome to Lori & Mary;  Lori- happy to be here;  Mary- happy to be here;  Frank- scooters for John, guests, giants;  Dom- Giants;  Greg- Bill's card;  Carl- grandma's 90th birthday, pre-game show;  Nikki- welcome to Rory;  Jim- welcome guests, sad for employee's death, Giants;  Lauren- wound-up dollar

Business Meeting.

50/50:  Harold Ciappa
4-Way Test:  Harold Ciappa

Have a nice week!