PLEDGE:  Jenn Rosenhagen
ATTENDANCE:  23 of 30 members

Happy Birthday Lauren!  (1/14)

Happy Birthday Kathy H.!  (1/16)

29:  Pancake Breakfast @ Pine Bush High School, 8am - 12pm.  Sell, sell, sell tickets, placemat ads, and 50/50 tickets!!

Thank you to Laurette, Rich, and Carl for their work planning our Holiday Party.  It was a very nice time with good food and fellowship.  Thank you to everyone who was able to attend and to Ginny and Dan Hughes for hosting us!

Results from the survey taken last week at our business meeting were passed around.  Committee chairs will work to incorporate some of the club's suggestions for the next 6 months.  Thank you to everyone for taking the time to answer the questions!

For different reasons Mike Haines and Lorraine Donald-Vital are no longer members of our club.  They are always welcome back, the timing for them just isn't good right now.

The Pancake breakfast is less than 3 weeks away!  If you need extra 50/50 tickets please contact Nick.  Placemat ads should go to Matt.  The Pancake committee met last night and is working on PR for the next couple weeks to really boost attendance.  Press releases are going out, flyers are being hung in location Pine Bush businesses, there is an event on facebook, the Interact club will be selling tickets during lunch periods at the high school, and 3 phone blasts (through the Pine Bush school district) will be sent the week of the event.

Harold Ciappa shared some traveling tips and information with the group.  Go to a travel agent.  They have more options and are professionals.  Generally, thry do not cost more money.  The size of the agency does not matter.  Land based vacations are not price fixed- make sure your agent goes to multiple consolidators for lower prices.  Insurance is worth it!  Double check that the policy covers medical and pre-existing conditions.  Often there are military discounts or discounts based on the state you live in.

50/50:  Cathy Parlapiano
4-Way Test:  Cathy Parlapiano

Have a nice week!