The following are minutes from our July 27, 2010 meeting
Pledge: Frank Giannino
Invocation: Fred Noll

Guests:AG Barry Foster; Suzanne Forni, Prospective Member; Nadia Allen, Executive Director, Mental Health Association, Guest Speaker; Grace & Lily Bonitz

Upcoming Dates:
July 30th --- Board Meeting. 7:30am at Horton Pavilion. All members are welcome.
August 1st --- Attention Runners! Monticello's annual event- The Monster Classic- is Sunday, August 1st. See flyer below for more details.
August 3rd --- Our District Governor, Phil Schunk, will be making his official visit to our club. Let's shoot for 100% attendance! He will meet with the Board (and anyone interested) immediately after our meeting.
August 18th --- HONOR/ehg Birthday Party, 6-8pm. See Calendar for more details.
September 25th --- Wiffle for Kids! Everyone is needed!

Happy Birthday to Lorraine! (7/28)

Bela thanked all those who assisted with, and donated at, our Blood Drive last Saturday. Don Lawrence will give a full report next week.

Our new Assistant Governor, Barry Foster, joined us from Livingston Manor to visit us and share a few ideas.

August Duties: Speakers- Bill Bassett; Greeter- Fred Noll; Newsletter- John Fellenzer

Nadia Allen, the Executive Director of the Mental Health Association in Orange County, Inc., provided an excellent overview of the agency and the numerous resources they make available to those in need. Please visit their website: Interestingly, she has a strong connection with Rotary- her dad was a District Governor in Brazil.

50/50: Bela Gesztesi
4-Way Test: AG Barry Foster

Have a great week!

2010 Monster Classic Flyer