PLEDGE: John Fellenzer 
INVOCATION: Bill Bassett

ATTENDANCE: 20 of 29 members

Matt Dorcas, Time Warner;  Skip Rottcamp, Assistant Governor, Region 4 (Speaker)

June 10th-12th -- District Conference, Hunter, NY  (This weekend!) 
June 12th --
Classic 10K Water Stop, 7:15 - 9:30am.  Stop is located at intersection of Railroad Avenue and East Main Street  (This weekend!)
June 14th -- Bela's "farewell" meeting.  Please make an effort to attend! 
June 26th -- INSTALLATION BBQ, 12:30 - 3pm at Graham Skea Recreation Center @ Thomas Bull Memorial Park (Lodge at top of hill)
July 2nd -- District Renegades Game @ Dutchess Stadium, $25 per person.  Contact Nick if interested in attending.
July 10th -- Rotofest, 1pm @ Orange County Park
July 12th -- Tour of new Orange Regional Medical Center.  Stay tuned for more details!
July 23rd -- Rotaract Yard Sale.  They are accepting donations for the sale.
Happy Anniversary Laurette!  (6/8)
Happy Birthday Nick!  (6/11)

Wallkill East Rotary has a facebook page!  If you use facebook please "like" us!

Thank you to Carl and Lauren for doing a clean-up of our sign!  John F. will follow-up with McCarey's Landscaping about maintenance going forward.

The Installation BBQ will be Sunday, June 26th from 12:30-3pm.  It will be at the lodge at the top of the hill at Thomas Bull Memorial Park.  (Now known formally as the Graham Skea Recreation Center.)  Please let Lauren know if you will be attending or not. 

Skip Rottcamp spoke to us about "Operation Warm."  This is a nationwide program that provides brand new coats to elementary and middle school aged children.  Last year Region 4 went into elementary schools and a domestic violence shelter to identify the need for coats and ended up donating 29 brand new coats to children who would otherwise go without a warm winter jacket.  DGE Tansukh is hoping to make this a district project and the World Community Service committee is seeking grants.  Other "Operation Warm" details:  coats coast $15-$20 per coat, there is a minimum order of 30 coats, and a postcard is included with each coat with the message- "We've done something nice for you.  All we ask is that you go do something nice for another person."  More information can be found at

50/50: Amy Minutolo
4-WAY TEST: Amy Minutolo

See you next week!