The following are minutes from our March 15, 2011 meeting.

PLEDGE: Nick Constantino

ATTENDANCE: 23 of 29 members

Mark Fellenzer, Middletown club;  Dick Ploth, Ossining club;  Ken Tschan (Speaker)

March 22nd -- NEXT WEEK!!  Joint meeting with Chester club at Glen Arden in Goshen
March 25th --
Dr. Bassett will be on RadioRotary, 9am.  920 AM, 1260AM, 1420AM, or  (Click "Listen Live.")
April 12th -- TAX RELIEF RAFFLE ends, 5 winners drawn
April 15th -- Read Aloud, Monhagen Middle School (Middletown) at 9am.  See Carl to sign up!

Happy Birthday Kim!  (3/13)

International Night was not well attended but fun for those who were there.  Thank you Patti and Laurette for planning!

Lauren is going to PETS training this weekend.

Be on the lookout for Rose Sale information.  Kim is hard at work already!

The 'Tax Relief Raffle' was discussed and we had a 'draft' of club members.  There are 5 teams and they will compete to sell the most raffle tickets.  We are asking that each member sell at least 10 tickets.  Click link below for more information and teams.

Ken Tschan is involved in local theater.  He is a native of Washingtonville and got involved in theater in the early 80's.  In 2003, Ken started an educational theater series at Goshen Library & Historical Society.  They have presented historical figures including Einstein, Emily Dickinson, and Ty Cobb.  Each summer they put on a 1-hour Shakespeare performance at Selisian Park.  (This summer- "Comedy of Errors.")  Ken also mentioned the Jazz Festival in September in Goshen.  It is free for all.  Click the links below fore more information.

50/50: Don Lawrence
4-WAY TEST: Don Lawrence

Have a great week!

Ken Tschan Flyers

Tax Relief Raffle - Info & Teams