PLEDGE: Harold Ciappa

ATTENDANCE: 20 of 29 members

Brian Maher, Mayor of Walden, Walden Rotarian, and current member of Leadership Orange (Speaker)

June 4th-5th -- Relay for Life, 4pm on 4th through 7am on 5th.
June 10th-12th -- District Conference, Hunter, NY 
June 12th --
Classic 10K Water Stop, 7:15 - 9:30am.  Stop is located at intersection of Railroad Avenue and East Main Street (Near Tony Boffa's Restaurant)
June 26th -- INSTALLATION BBQ, 12:30 - 3pm at Graham Skea Recreation Center (Thomas Bull Memorial Park)
July 2nd -- District Renegades Game @ Dutchess Stadium
July 10th -- Rotofest, 1pm @ Orange County Park
July 12th -- Potential date for tour of new Orange Regional Medical Center.  Stay tuned!
July 23rd -- Rotaract Yard Sale.  They are accepting donations for the sale.
Happy Birthday Cathy P.!  (5/19)

Happy Birthday Bill F.!  (5/19)

More info on Relay for Life:  Opening ceremony will be at 4pm on June 4th.  The Survivor's Lap will be at 9pm followed by the lighting of the luminaries.  We will be teaming up with Ryan's Renegades this year and supporting their efforts.  Interact will also be participating in Relay.  Mike and Sue Swensen will be recognized for all their support over the years in making the Pine Bush Relay for Life such a successful event.

John F. indicated that McCarey's Landscaping is interested in helping out with the upkeep of the sign on Route 211.  In the meantime, it was suggested to organize a clean-up soon.  Carl will work on this.

The meeting that was originally scheduled to be at HONORehg on June 14th has been postponed until a later date.  Bela is unable to attend the Installation BBQ and would like to utilize the June 14th meeting for his farewell comments.

Brian Maher, who is the Mayor of Walden, New York, a member of the Walden Rotary Club and also a current participant of the Leadership Orange Program, presented to the club on behalf of Leadership Orange.  Brian indicated that each Leadership Orange class has to conduct a project that has some impact on the county.  The Class of 2011 has organized a Junior Leadership Orange program and is encouraging service organizations and local businesses to become involved by making a monetary donation to help offset the cost of the program.  The program will be targeting students in the 8th grade and will cost approximately $500.00 per student per session to participate.  The number of students that will be attending is 40 and they will be chosen from various schools in the county with the first program starting in September, 2011.

50/50: Harold Ciappa
4-WAY TEST: Harold Ciappa

See you in the a.m.!