PLEDGE: Mike Swensen

ATTENDANCE: 20 of 29 members

Mark Fellenzer, Middletown;  PDG Bill Herrmann, Mamakating

July 2nd -- District Renegades Game @ Dutchess Stadium
July 10th -- Rotofest at Orange County Park
714 dozen roses have been sold so far.  There is still time to order more.  Contact Kim with your final numbers.  Pick-up will be Friday, May 6th starting at 8am at Kim's store.
$1,000 from the Tax Relief Fundraiser will be moved to the General Fund.
Bela suggested doing something to help the tornado victims in our country.
A sign clean-up was discussed.  We will research possible landscapers (John- McCarrey's) who could do a one-time 'overhaul' of site so that planting in the future is easier.  If we cannot get a commitment from a landscaping company we will organize club clean-up.
Scholarship interviews were last week.  There were 9 candidates, however two of them did not live in the Town of Wallkill.  One of the winners is going to Montclair State, the other Johns Hopkins.  RYLA interviews will be Thursday, May 5th at 11am at Pine Bush High School.

Lorraine- late & no pin;  Nick- happy to avoid Nascar conversation and Blackberry;  Jim- Inspire golf tournament, happy to go to dermatologist;  Alan- Inspire golf outing, rose sale, Yo-yo Ma concert;  Bill- "I don't know;"  Kim- loves Nascar and son going to Disney for externship;  Walter- exciting business stuff going on, sad for Big Dave's BBQ closing, scholarship and RYLA interviews;  Fred- Kim and rose sale;  Frank- Kim and rose sale;  Mark- Jenna graduating and won nice award;  Mike S- rose sale, scholarship interviews, saw nephews play lacrosse, went fishing;  Patti- enjoys Nascar for the betting pool, lost all winnings in Atlantic City;  Steve- late and Nascar number, looking forward to Miami trip;  Bill H- show in Mamakating, running for Town Supervisor;  Lauren- late, Delaware River Run, Inspire golf tournament;  Bela- Mother's Day, Kim and rose sale, doing Alaska cruise, Navy Seals;  Bill B- happy for ORMC key ceremony

50/50: Mark Fellenzer
4-WAY TEST: Mark Fellenzer

See you in the a.m.!