PLEDGE:  Scott Hamel
ATTENDANCE:  22 of 34


Roz Magidson, Executive Director, Dispute Resolution Services, Guest Speaker & visiting Rotarian

Jean Warren (3+ meetings)
Jenny Rivera (2nd meeting)

Happy Anniversary Alan!  (5/14)

12:  Fellowship event at Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville, 3pm winery tour and tasting.  RSVP to Carl Bonitz.
Wiffle Committee Meeting immediately following our Rotary meeting
19:  Pine Bush Spring Clean-Up Day- we will be cleaning up the gazebo, 8:30am.  We need hanging baskets, flowers, border, and 2 signs.  If you have a contact or are interested in donating, please let Suzanne know!


3:  Classic 10K Water Stop @ railroad tracks near Tony Boffa's (Middletown), 7:15-9:30am.
8-9:  District Conference.  A sign-up sheet has been circulating at our meetings.  Last day to RSVP 5/15!!
10:  Installation Luncheon @ Winding Hills Golf Club, 12-2:30pm.  There may be golfing after the installation for those interested..

We are still taking last minute rose sales.  Pick-up will be this Friday, 5/11 at Kim's store.  

Ed Diana will be our guest speaker next week.

Roz Magidson came to Orange County in 1969, which was a big adjustment from New York City.  She was an educator at the time in English and political science and the Executive Director at the American Cancer Society after that.  She is the current Executive Director of Dispute Resolutions Center and has been for 22 years.  The center provides third party mediation to parties involved in a dispute with the goal of coming to a mutual agreement, where both parties listen to each other and come to a solution.  Their services are less costly than going to court.  The parties involved come to discuss the problem;  the mediator only helps them by letting each side tell their stories and help them come to an agreement.  They are now charging a sliding scale for business disputes.  In the past their services were 99% free, but unfortunately budget cuts in Albany have forced them to start charging a small fee.  Mediators receive a 32-hour training to become a mediator, which is not difficult to complete.  (Roz says it is less work than being a Rotarian.)  Two training programs are coming up if you are interested, one in June and one in July.

50/50:  Rich Shapiro
4-Way Test:  Rich Shapiro

Have a great week!