Submitted By:  Fred Noll


PLEDGE:  Amy Minutolo
ATTENDANCE:  23 of 34

Lily Bonitz;  Nancy Proyect, President, Orange County Citizens Foundation (Speaker)

Happy Birthday Jenny!  (11/21)

30:  Board Meeting @ Horton Pavilion, 7:45am

11:  Family Fellowship Event @ Stony Ford Lodge, 6pm.  December is Rotary Family Month.  More details from Carl to follow, but save the date!  (This will replace our normally scheduled meeting @ Perkins that morning.)
14 & 15:  Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army @ The Galleria, 10am-8pm each day.  Two hour blocks of time- slots are still available.  Contact Jenny to sign-up.

Looking ahead...
Jan 27, 2013:  Pancake Breakfast.  More details to follow in upcoming weeks!

President Hal is on vacation and Kim, President-"In Waiting," presided at the meeting.

More details will be coming on our Pancake Breakfast in the next few weeks.

Our Interact club will be visiting senior homes again this year for the holidays.  If you have any ideas for them or would like to donate items they can give as gifts please let us know.

The Club received a thank you from St. Paul's Church in Bullville for the food basket contribution we made.

Three of our members, Jenny, Scott, and Ellen, attended the recent Rotary Leadership Institute and highly recommend it!

Nick & Nikki- late;  Carl- happy daughter is with him;  Ellen- late;  John- Army beat Air Force;  Alan- happy son is home;  Bela- happy for kids and grandchild;  Jenny- happy re: Thanksgiving;  Jim- had a nice time in Ireland attending his fiftieth high school reunion (they start school much earlier over there so he's not nearly as old as might indicate);  Kim- for her vacation...and a lot more which Fred got tired of trying to record and frankly could not hear!

Our speaker was Nancy Proyect, president of the Orange County Citizens Foundation.  She is a past president of Leadership Orange and participated in a Rotary Group Study Exchange to New Zealand.  The Foundation's primary goal is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Orange County.  One of their main projects is the preparation and distribution of the Quality of Life Report which compiles and compares statistics with regard to the quality of life issues for the county.  They work by committee, of which they have many.  Some among many interesting statistics reported: the unemployment rate for the County has increased as has the number of part-time jobs.  416 residents leave the County in a year and which are not replaced; been a 50% decline of farms in the region; the number of younger generation, ages early 20s-middle 40s is decreasing while age 55 and older is increasing and 85y.o. and up is fastest growing bracket.  As a result of the new stadium at the Middletown High School there has been an increased in tourism.  Many other interesting facts are presented in this Quality of Life report – check it out.

50/50:  Rich Shapiro
4-Way Test:  Rich Shapiro

Have a great week and a very Happy Thanksgiving!