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September Duties
Greeter:  Scott Hamel
Newsletter:  Alan Turken
Speakers:  Patti Sanders
PLEDGE:  Carl Bonitz
ATTENDANCE:  17 of 35

Faith Piatt, Executive Director at Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp  (Speaker)


Happy Birthday Walter!  (10/5)

Happy Anniversary Amy!  (10/8)

Happy Birthday Domenick!  (10/14)

Oct 27:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Mount Saint Mary College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included! 
Thru the end of the month:  Flock A Friend.  Get your orders in and help spread the word.  (Click link below for order form.)

Nov 3:  Rotary UN Day.
Nov 17:  Rotary Leadership Institute @ Mount Saint Mary College, 7:30-3:30.  Please let Harold know if you would like to attend.  The club will pick-up the cost.

Looking ahead...

There is a possibility that we may be charged to use Pine Bush High School for our Pancake Breakfast and may not be able to use the propane gas grills inside the building.  (Even with the actual propane tank outside.)  The school board is meeting later this month and we will see what they decide.  Based on their decision we will decide whether or not we need to investigate other locations.

Faith Piatt, Executive Director at Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corp, gave information on the organization.  Orange County Rural Development Advisory Corporation (RDAC) is an Orange County, N.Y.-based nonprofit housing counseling and development agency that boasts nearly three decades worth of service to Orange County residents.  In operation since 1983, the group has rehabilitated or constructed more than 1,000 housing units and has been instrumental in assisting hundreds of residents to obtain financing, mortgage restructuring and services to remain in existing homes or apartments. RDAC, which has a long history of assisting locally-employed households and senior citizens, administers various state and federal housing grant programs and offers a suite of counseling services.  Faith also spoke about free home energy audits, which every NY resident is entitle to.  Click the link below for the application.  Visit for more information.

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Home Energy Audit