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Michael Sweeton


Happy Birthday Ellen and Greg!  (9/15)

Happy Anniversary Nikki!  (9/19)

Happy Birthday Amy!  (9/23)

Happy Anniversary Mike!  (9/23)

Looking ahead...
Oct 6:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Columbia Greene College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included!
Oct 27:  Fall Membership/Public Relations/Foundation Seminar @ Mount Saint Mary College, 9am-2pm.  District event, no cost, lunch included! 
Nov 17:  Rotary Leadership Institute @ Mount Saint Mary College, 7:30-3:30.  Please let Harold know if you would like to attend.  The club will pick-up the cost.

We received a thank you for our donation to Jill Weed's Backpacks for All Children project.  This project was able to help 190 kids in 87 families.

We had another successful Wiffle for Kids event.  Thank you to EVERYONE who helped- sponsors and volunteers!!  This event would not come together without the help of everyone in our club.  Numbers are still being crunched, but it looks like we'll make over $17,000 on this year's event.  Thank you!

One event down and on to the next...  We will be starting our Flock-A-Friend fundraiser.  Lauren will email the order form to everyone and a volunteer sign-up sheet will be passed around next week.  Please click the link below for more information about the fundraiser and an order form.

Michael Sweeton is a candidate for Orange County Executive.  He is currently the Town of Warwick Supervisor and has been for the last ten and a half years.  The County Executive election is next year, but Michael is trying to get an early start talking to people in the community.  He has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Clarkson University.  (He also has a masters, but I missed that when taking notes!)  For the last 30 years he has been running his family greenhouse/nursery business, which was founded in 1976.  Michael believes that things get done when you bring people together and make them part of the solution.  Party does not matter- everyone should roll up their sleeves and help solve the problem.  He knows Orange County does not have some easy decisions to make, but feels that we cannot continue as we are now.  Questions were asked about the government center and Valley View.  There are not enough votes in the legislature right now to tear down the government center.  The cost of renovating vs. the benefit must be considered.  Right now more information is being gathered about a renovation vs. a tear down.  Regarding Valley View, more facts are now coming out that need to be clarified.

50/50:  Bela Gesztesi
4-Way Test:  Bela Gesztesi 

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