Our District, with the support of the Finance Committee and the Reserve Fund Committee, has created a scholarship program for new Rotarians to attend the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) and participate in the Level 1 Curriculum.  "New Rotarian" is defined as anyone who has been in Rotary for less than 5 years.  The New Rotarian is encouraged to attend the RLI Program....
at Mount Saint Mary College on November 17 but may actually use the scholarship at any RLI site.  The individual Rotarian or the Club should cover the initial cost of the RLI registration then after the session is completed, submit an expense voucher to Marty Nowak, District Treasurer, for reimbursement.

I would ask the club presidents to invite their members to participate in the November RLI session on the beautiful campus at Mt. St. Mary College as guests of the District.  Rotary members who are educated on the business and practices of our international organization are those who become involved Rotarians that help strengthen our clubs and help develop sustainable projects in our communities and communities around the world.  A District scholarship to attend an RLI course is a special invitation and those selected by their clubs should be very pleased to have been chosen.  The Rotary Leadership Institute is our organizations most recognized and respected program for volunteer leadership in well over 300 districts around the world.

I look forward to seeing you at the November 17 RLI Program.

RLI Brochure:  RLI.

Message from :  DG Bill Bassett