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Rotary International launched their new website on August 26,2013 along with the new Rotary logo. With a fresh new look and a visual design based user experience, Rotary entered the new era of web design with this launch.


This launch comes in time to correspond with ClubRunner's launch of Version 3.0, where we have implemented new themes and are constantly adding even more themes, not to mention giving webmasters the ability to upload their own designs. When RI first announced the redesign initiative of their website, not only did they receive a lot of requests from Rotarians about the ability to mirror the new design for Rotary sites, we too received just as many from our customers.


One of the main priorities for RI was to reflect the Rotary brand using a new color palette, fonts and design elements. As a Rotary International Licensee and a vendor that shares a close relationship with Rotary International, it is our responsibility to promote this new branding and offer Rotary based themes to keep the branding consistent. Later this year and earlier next year, you will begin to see many Rotary inspired themes within the Website Designer 3.0 that will be approved by Rotary International, so your club too will be able to have a theme that is similar to RI's, without any work on your end. 


A lot of clubs have been asking how they would be able to share news from the Rotary site on their own website. As of now, we offer a Rotary RSS feed, which shows the latest Rotary news right on your homepage. We will be discussing other methods of being able to share and integrate ClubRunner sites with RI, and will share that information with you soon.


We have lots more work that co-incides with Rotary's plans in store. Stay tuned for details!