The following are minutes from our August 24, 2010 meeting.
Pledge: Harold Ciappa
Invocation: Fred Noll

Guests: Sue Bassett

Upcoming Dates:
Month of August -- Tuesday, 8/31 is the last day to bring in school supplies to donate to Pine Bush School District.
September 4th -- Hudson Valley Renegades fundraiser.
September 25th -- Wiffle for Kids! A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around. Please help if you can- we need everyone's support!
November 12th -- Sports Memorabilia Auction. This is a fundraiser for our club. More details will follow, but please mark your calendars!
January 15, 2011 -- Next Rotary Blood Drive

Happy Birthday to Patti and Laurette!

Bela thanked everyone who helped with the HONORehg birthday party. A special thank you to Bill and Sue Bassett for all the planning they did!

Bill Bassett (and Sue) reflected on their trip to Montreal for the Rotary International conference.

50/50: Sue Bassett
4-Way Test: Bill Bassett

See you in the morning!

Hudson Valley Renegades Fundraiser Flyer