The following are minutes from our September 14, 2010 meeting.
Pledge: Carl Bonitz

Guests: Donna Davies, Alzheimer's Associaton

Upcoming Dates:
September 25th -- Wiffle for Kids. Only 12 more days!!!
October 5th -- Dictionary Project @ Pakanasink Elementary in Circleville. Rotary meeting will be held at Pakanasink Elementary at our normal time this morning!!
October 6th -- Dictionary Project @ EJ Russell @ 10am.
November 12th -- Sports Memorabilia Auction. This is a fundraiser for our club. More details will follow, but please mark your calendars.

Carl- Sad Cowboys, Happy General Montgomery Day; Rich- Happy new book & Giants; Frank- Happy Lauren & Carl; Bill F- Happy Mets; Cathy P- Happy Carl & Lauren; Lauren- Happy General Montgomery Day & family visit; Alan- Happy for move; Bob- Happy he remembered to come; Jim L- Happy Carl & Lauren & Ireland trip; Steve- Sad Notre Dame; Kathy H- Sad decibel level in house; Patti- Happy surviving grandsons visit; Nick- Happy scratch offs, Cathy's artistic ability, sister; Bela- Happy Saturday with family & Alan's arrival in building; Don- congrats to Rich on book; John F- Happy weekend; Mike S- Happy/sad for week as bachelor; Lorraine- Happy to make it to Rotary

Kathleen Davies from the Alzheimer's Association shared with us some of the warning signs of alzheimers: short-term memory loss, misplacing items (both without being able to piece together or re-trace steps later on), disorientation (of time, place, other people), poor judgement, forgetting how to solve a problem, anxiety, and depression. Dimensia is not a diagnosis, but is caused by alzheimers. Alzheimers affects memory, thinking, and behavior. It can be fatal when brain cells die that operate vital organs. The cause is still unknown and available medicine only helps lesson some symptons at this point; they do not slow down the onset of actual symptoms. The Alzheimers Association provides support, education, and referrals to other agencies. The also advocate and lobby for alzheimers awareness. At age 65, 1 in 6 people have this disease. At age 85, 1 in 2 have it.

50/50: Kathy Hankins
4-Way Test: Patti Sanders

Have a great week!