The following are minutes from our September 7, 2010 meeting.
Pledge: Patti Sanders
Invocation: Fred Noll

Guests: Phyllis Gesztesi

Upcoming Dates:
September 25th -- Wiffle for Kids! A volunteer sign-up sheet was passed around. Please help if you can- we need everyone's support!
November 12th -- Sports Memorabilia Auction. This is a fundraiser for our club. More details will follow, but please mark your calendars!
January 15, 2011 -- Next Rotary Blood Drive

Bela & Nick attended Rotaract meeting for September. Bela & Amy will be liaisons for group.

Dictionary Project changed to October 5th. We will meet at Pankanasink on this day. Dictionaries will be distributed on Wednesday, October 6th at Pine Bush Elementary School if anyone is able to attend that day.

50/50: Rich Shapiro
4-Way Test: Rich Shapiro

See you in the morning!