Posted on Oct 10, 2019
The Wallkill East Rotary Club has completed its 13th annual dictionary distribution to third graders.  This year the dictionaries were given to third graders in the Pine Bush Central School District, the Harmony Christian School, the Middletown Christian School, and the Chapel Field Christian School.

Wallkill East distributed over 400 dictionaries in our area.  The Rotary club has chosen distribution of dictionaries to address one of the six primary focuses of Rotary International, which is Education and Literacy.

In the 13 years that this project has taken place, Wallkill East Rotary has given out over 4,400 dictionaries.  In addition, we have provided English/Spanish dictionaries when they are needed.  We receive the dictionaries from THE DICTIONARY PROJECT, which is an international project to provide dictionaries to students.

Dr. Bill Bassett, chair of the project for our club, is pictured here with some of the third grade recipients.